Why do men lose hair? Prevention and treatment for hair loss

Prevention and treatment for hair lossEvery day we lose from 50 to 100 hairs. Longevity of hair is 3-7 years. This period is like a “programmed” lifecycle with phases of growth, rest and falling. One from 10 hairs usually drowses and comes out after 6 months. Others constantly grow. Unfortunately a new hair does not appear to replace lost one. Hair loss can be caused by several reasons, included serious system disorders or occasional factors, like scalp injuries. If initial reason of alopecia is eliminated, male head will be covered by hair again.

Androgenic alopecia is quite a widespread disease among both men and women. This state is quite unpleasant. Instead of hair-covering a man starts to notice small patches and “baldness” on his head. Lost hair do not replace with a new “undercoat”, although usually there are no any scars or dandruff on skin. Head of patients looks quite healthy, though it does not prevent hair loss.

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Reasons for hair loss

  • Insenescence;
  • Genetic factors;
  • Hormone disproportion;
  • Constant mechanical damage: hot styling, hair dying, low-quality cosmetics;
  • Occasional damage: scalp injuries, surgeries;
  • Infections (bacterial, virus, fungal), allergic or autoimmune disorder;
  • Side-effects of special medical treatment of depression, hypertension, podagra, thrombosis, arthritis and so on;
  • Consequences of chemotherapy;
  • Contraception side-effects;
  • Seborrhea congestiva;
  • Unhealthy life-style;
  • Stress and other psychological factors.

How does it appear?

First a man starts to lose hair on his temples. Then he may notice slight local baldness on a vertex. And finally only a nape saves some hair. In general hair-covering becomes thinner. A complete hair loss on the scalp surface is also possible.

Women may face with a hair loss in three months after childbearing. Patients of both sexes experience baldness in some cases, connected with serious system disorders, hormone imbalance, mechanical injuries, chemotherapy and surgery. To examine skin health patients should consult with trichologist or other doctor, who can diagnose extent and reasons for scalp sores, scales, irritation and itching.

How to treat hair loss?

After a full medical examination it is possible to determine the initial reason for hair loss and assign а therapy. If baldness does not appear as a serious consequence of drug taking or system disorders, it should be treated as a cosmetic problem. A way of treating is always personal, thus common prescriptions are not effective. Though, some treatments proved their efficiency.


One of the most popular medications in Australia is Propecia. Like generic Viagra it is highly appreciated by men and available for purchase in the internet. This drug is not used as erectile dysfunction treatment, but it is priceless for hair loss therapy.  The main agent of Propecia 1mg is finasteride, hormonal medication that helps to treat non-cancerous prostatic hyperplasia and hair loss.

Propecia pills should be taken in 1 mg dose with water. The everyday course continues for 6 months. First positive results will be noticeable in 90 days of regular taking. The dose for some individuals may be increased to 5 mg.

Propecia helps by reducing of dihydrotestosterone level. That is why it should not be taken by female patients. Scientists proved that high concentration of dihydrotestosterone in male blood leads to the death of follicles and consequently to a hair loss. As Propecia stops dihydrotestosterone production, hair growth reproduces.

The only contradiction to taking Finasteride is individual intolerance. Propecia very rarely has side-effects. Those one which may happen include allergy, sexual vigor weakening, sperm reducing.


Finpecia is the generic form of Propecia, which has the same active ingredient (finasteride). The effectiveness of finpecia is proved by patients and doctors, although it costs quite cheaper than original Propecia. If you have been diagnosed with an androgenic alopecia responsive to finasteride treatment, you can order finpecia for treatment.

Medication is taken once per day in one milligram dose (before eating). It is not recommended to exceed the dose.

Finasteride does not only reduce dihydrotestosterone production, but also increases testosterone level. This hormone is vitally important for prostate gland work and hair growth.

The continuance of treatment is six months. After follicles strengthen, hair-covering reproduces.

There are just few contradictions to Finpecia. The most critical are obstructive uropathia, hypersensitivity and prostate cancer. Possible side effects include temporary loss of libido and sexual impotency. After the end of taking Finpecia the state disappears. Finasteride may be combined with other medication without any unpleasant effects.


To reduce risk of alopecia enrich your diet with such elements as zinc, calcium, iron and A, C, E and B group vitamins. It is strongly recommended to use only high-quality and natural hair cosmetics with organic oils and useful essences. Do not wash your head more often than twice a week. Have a regular head skin massage to stimulate blood circulation and follicles growth.

In serious cases consult your trichologist or other doctor for full medical examination and therapy.

How can you solve particular Hair loss problems?

  • If you’ve lost your hair because of occasional physical damage (surgery, head trauma or consequences of severe illness), you probably faced with a temporary hair loss called telogen effluvium. The best way to treat this problem is to stimulate general recovering. Thus you may slightly speed up the natural temp of hair growth. Usually damaged scalp becomes hairy again in three or six months after the trauma.
  • List of possible reasons for baldness includes taking too much vitamin A. It was proved that one of the side-effects of supplements with this vitamin is a hair loss. If possible, refuse from taking of vitamin A or reduce it to a recommended dose with daily value of 5,000 International Units (IU).
  • Another factor is protein deficiency. It was proved, that after 2 or 3 months on vegetarian diet many men experience hair loss. Enrich your everyday meal with proteins and probably you will notice differences.
  • Genetic baldness. If you faced with male pattern baldness, when hair fallen from the temples, try some popular cream treatment, available over-the-counter. Minoxidil (Rogaine) works faster in combination with finasteride (Propecia or Finpecia). Another possible option is transplantation surgery.

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