Renewal of hair after an increase

hairLong hair are also sexual, as well as elegant bends of body. They from nature complement character of ideal woman and compel us crowds to walk in barbershops and shops of cosmetic for hair.

Long hair in different periods of life it wants to all. But to grow patience of them is distant, distant not at all. For such situations thought of the increase of hair – procedure by means of that it is possible in the morning to be a short-haired miss, and in the evening – refined long-haired mademoiselle.

General information about the increase of hair

Types of increase :

  • the Cold (non-permanent) increase – ribbons (strands repose on hair by means of fastening).
  • the Hot increase – English and capsule. Artificial and natural strands soldered inter se.

Harm from the different types of increase of hair

Artificial hair for hair bulbs are a superfluous load. On the average, on one head is to 2 kilogram of unnative curls. Air does not circulate on them, microscopic drops of water do not hurry with vitamins and minerals. And, they do not live, and only create to the roots additional tension from that bulbs weaken gradually. What loading proceeds longer, the more chances with a bulb to part forever. And she, as well as nervous cage, not subject renewal.

At a capsule increase artificial hair are fastened to natural by means of melting and little capsules. They are unusual for an organism, mix to sleep and constantly provoke hands to scratch a head. Combing of skin of head weakens hair bulbs too. Besides, wounds through that it easily to bring an infection can appear on a head. At the badly conducted increase capsules are caught for a comb and quickly kill a hair. So a woman is deprived to 25% of hair.

At the English increase hair melt under a high temperature: native curls unite with artificial through resin. From a heat water evaporates from hair, they quickly become dry and fragile. This state can be aggravated by a climate or subzero humidity of house and at work.

A non-permanent increase through invisible scallops is less harmful, however, if, then an effect will be the same – hair bulbs will get tired from loading, will begin to abuse them to fall out native hair.

Prevention of harm from an increase


If you decided to grow hair for a long time, take measure on defence of hair beforehand. Then you will not have to be tormented with consequences:

For the pair of weeks to the increase of hair start making one time per two days nourishing masks or to use oils for hair. Warmed-up on a steam bath-house burdock oil will suit perfectly. He is inflicted on the roots of hair to almost hot, a head is wrapped in by a package or towel and abandon on a hour, whereupon wash off shampoo. Castor oil too will go on a benefit: there are many vitamins in him. He is mixed up with a pepper-brandy in equal correlations, add the tea-spoon of hair conditioner and inflict on roots, not rubbing. Wash off in 20-30 minutes.

The ideal laying out is this combination of nourishing masks from oils with vitamin complexes for hair. They are useful to all and always, as an additional healthy feed. But on the eve of heavy and stress for hair bulbs procedure well them prettily to feed, that they provided oneself forces on the future. Vitamin complexes worked out by specialists, it is possible to find in a pharmacy on advice of doctor.

On the eve of procedure wash hair ordinary shampoo without a conditioner and balsam. Hair will be hardly dryish, but artificia of strand will stick to better and at combing you will not lose native hair.

Do not do procedure of painting and increase simultaneously. Combination will increase stress from procedures twice.

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