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Pursuit Of Beauty

The ideals of beauty do not descend from heaven. Behind their creation are large people and large corporations. The most important goal for them is money, constant profit growth. The ideal of beauty also satisfies political goals. The stronger the female position is fixed in power, the more it is trying to put pressure on the invented images of beauty, in order to weaken its authority. As a result, thanks to the work of thousands of advertising campaigns, the ideal of female beauty recognized slender young model with appetizing shapes, sharp face and perfect skin. Its adjustments makes the right light, makeup, posture, photo correction program, completing a glossy image, making it unattainable. This is the first thing you need to understand all women to get out of the race without results-there is no ideal.

Beautiful enemies for women

Having entered the pursuit of beauty, women fall under the pressure and compulsion of fashion and beauty trends. Not surprisingly, the highest income has the industry of aesthetic surgery, pornography, fitness and cosmetics, in total, their annual profit is $90 billion. Let’s see how each industry affects a woman.

Pornography, its influence on world culture in the distant 80s styled silicone Breasts. This is due to the fact that the human psyche is very strongly influenced by visual images of a sexual nature. And if there are problems with potency, you can buy Kamagra in Australia on the website Millions of women saw that perfect breast on the screen and wondered: is my breast beautiful? Naturally, paying tribute to fashion, women massively signed up for breast augmentation surgery. Huge revenues were received by advertising companies and clinics of aesthetic surgery.

In the minus there were only women, because at that time it was unprofitable to publish information about the dangers of silicone. In the XXI century, the harm of silicone is fully proven, but the popularity of this operation does not fall as before. From a psychological point of view, pornography affects young girls, it distorts their sexual perception of their body. Its abundance deprives the girl of choice on how to behave in bed, blindly imitating the manner of the sex goddesses, the girls often find themselves in awkward situations that undermine their confidence in their beauty and sexuality. Seeing the problem in themselves, young people attend trainings on sex skills, increasing the capital of the industry of porn and sex.

The industry of weight loss, fitness and proper nutrition. It would seem that the bad in sports and a balanced diet? And the fact that these components of a healthy lifestyle have become a symbol of the ideal relief of the body or opposite model thinness. The imposition of these images provoked an accelerated growth of eating disorders: bulimia and anorexia. Diseases inherent in the 19th century, the homeless and the poor, have become a problem of girls and women of the highest strata of the population. 53 percent of the surveyed Americans of different ages have the main dream – to lose 10-15 kg. Over the past decade, the percentage of girls killed by anorexia has risen to 56.

Today, the world is actively fighting against RCE, because society has come to realize how terrible these diseases are. In schools and institutes preventive measures are carried out, posters informing teenagers are hung, books are written about how to make friends with your body, and most importantly take it. It’s the second that needs to remember the girl, wishing to leave the race ideals is to accept and love yourself.

Cosmetics and cosmetology. In the days of Marilyn Monroe girls had enough mascara and lipstick to look irresistible. Natural beauty was a priority. Today, the industrial production of cosmetic products is breaking all records. The girl is considered an absolute beauty only if she has a newfangled highlighter, sculptor on her face, and skin imperfections are hidden under a Foundation and powder. All this creates a huge competition among the girls, they buy more cosmetics, begin to use it at an early age. No one is broadcasting the thesis that external beauty can be achieved by elementary caring procedures, it is not necessary to have five shades of red lipstick to stay in trend. Having a developed spiritual intelligence, the ability to maintain a conversation with a joke or a wise thought is important, not how much time the girl spent on makeup today.

The pursuit of beauty destroys women physically and psychologically. If they want to free themselves from the dead weight of false notions of beauty, women must first change their view of the world.

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